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The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what Fiction means.
Oscar Wilde

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Analyze a text with openDM

by Carsten Zeumer 2. March 2010 07:06
Sample that shows the NLP abilities of the openDM engine. [More]

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Linguistic | openDM | WebService

Detect a written text's language

by Carsten Zeumer 10. October 2009 09:53
An article on how to detect the language of a written text. [More]


Linguistic | openDM

A Quick DialogueMasterâ„¢ overview

by Carsten Zeumer 28. October 2008 02:40
... [More]

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Why openDM?

by Carsten Zeumer 27. October 2008 03:13
short introduction to what openDM is and why we do it [More]

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Linguistic | openDM

Detect Encoding for in- and outgoing text

by Carsten Zeumer 17. January 2007 09:17
Detect the encoding of a text without BOM (Byte Order Mask) and chose the best Encoding for persistence or network transport of text [More]

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Programming | c#

Extending the PropertyGrid with a new PropertyTab

by Carsten Zeumer 15. January 2007 13:42
Add a PropertyTab showing the fields of an object and overlay icons to the PropertyGrid [More]

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Programming | c#

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